10 Good Things to Talk About – November 30

Grade 6's Supporting Movember

Grade 6’s Supporting Movember

  1. Kent Musical! Our musical theatre production “The Good Old Days” has been moved until next Friday, December 7th at 1:00pm. UPDATE: DUE TO SOME CONFLICTING SCHEDULING OF THE CAST, THE MUSICAL IS NOW ON THURSDAY, DEC 6th at 1:00pm.
  2. Identity Day This exciting school-wide project day is coming December 4th. Each student will to do a project on themselves – on their family or culture, a passion or an area of interest. What is your child doing for ID Day? For information and examples of projects from 2011, please go to http://bit.ly/U1fRK1.
  3. Great Staches!

    Great Staches!

    Supporting Movember  Our grade 6 students all helped to make and sell fruit kabobs with all proceeds going to prostate cancer research and men’s health.

  4. Pajama Day  Some of our grade 3 students have organized a pajama day for next Thursday, Dec 6.
  5. Kent teachers discussing reading for professional development.

    Kent teachers discussing reading for professional development.

    A Day to Discuss Reading  Kent teachers all met and discussed how we could improve on the consistency in how we teach and assess reading.  It was a powerful day led by Kent teachers.

  6. Destination Conservation  Some grade 5 students, with the help of Mrs. Eckstein and Mrs. Powell, attended a workshop a few weeks ago to learn ways to conserve energy at Kent School.  Since then, they have been busy doing energy audits on our school.
  7. Community Carol Festival  Our Kent Choir will be performing at the Community Carol Festival next Thursday at 7:00.  Come out and support the kids and the community.
  8. Sounding Out Their Notes  Mrs. Roste’s grade 1’s are making reading and writing relevant as they work on sounding out words by writing (and then reading) friendly notes to each other.
  9. SMART Board Projects  Mr. Gallamore’s class has started to present their SMART Board projects that they have created.  They chose a topic of interest, worked on their research skills and used the technology to help them present.
  10. Parent Readers Ms. Home’s class welcomes family readers into their classroom every Friday morning to read with them.  The students are always so excited to read with the parents!

PAC FUNDRAISER: Holiday Poinsettias: choices include 4″ poinsettias to 12″ tricolors and beautiful dishgardens.  Please see the forms sent home last week for order info.

A reminder that Report Cards come home Friday.  Blog comments are always welcome and a reminder that if you would like to view the photos in a larger view, just click the image.


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One Response to 10 Good Things to Talk About – November 30

  1. Sorry that the Musical moved to December 7, as that conflicts with a previous appointment I have. I hope the production meets with great success! I plan to come and see the Identity Day projects, as I heard so much about them last year.
    Linda McMullan

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