Identity Day Schedule

December 4th – schedule below

The students and staff of Kent Elementary School will be celebrating Identity Day on Tuesday, December 4, 2012. Teachers and students will be showcasing their individual projects throughout the day in various locations around the school.

What is Identity Day?

  • Students complete a project about something meaningful to THEM!
  • The project can be on (almost) ANYTHING
  • A passion, an interest, family, a strength, culture (does not need to have personal info)
  • The project can be done in any way the student wants!
  • Poster, display, demonstration, video, etc (Please include a “why” statement of the reason the topic was chosen)
  • Families are encouraged to help!
  • Every child will see every other project in the school

Please go to for a presentation that includes Images and Videos from other schools that have done Identity Day.

Please help your child to prepare for this event by completing their project by December 3rd.  Students may be given some class time but most of the project should be done at home with the family.  Each class will be hosting their projects at a specific time during the day. Please see the schedule attached below. Parents and siblings are very welcome to come and view the projects when their child is scheduled.

Blocks 1-2 8:40 – 10:20 Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Cardinal

Mr. Mills

Mrs. Gallamore

Rm. 5

Rm. 7

Rm. 14

Rm. 16

Blocks 3-4 10:40 – 12:10 Ms. Home

Ms. Exley

Mr. Gallamore

Rm. 3

Rm. 6

Rm. 17

Blocks 5-6 1:05 – 2:35 Mrs. Roste

Miss Martinson

Ms. Garrioch

Rm. 4

Rm. 13

Rm. 1

Thank you for your support of this very worthwhile and exciting new venture. If you have any further questions I would love to answer them; please contact me at the school.

There will be a family lounge with refreshments set up in the library.  We hope to see you at our Identity Day event!


About cwejr

K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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