Identity Day 2012 is Coming – December 4th

Kent School is proud to put on another exciting event this yearOur 2nd Identity Day will be on December 4th and we invite you to come to the school and check it out!  What is Identity Day?

  • Students complete a project about THEM!
  • The project can be on (almost) ANYTHING
  • A passion, an interest, family, a strength, culture
  • The project can be done in any way the student wants!
  • Poster, display, demonstration, video, etc
  • Every child will present to every student in the school

Please go to for a presentation that includes Images and Videos from Kent and other schools that have done Identity Day. Also, for a review of our last Identity Day, please go to

More information will come out next week.  Over the weekend, help your child to decide what they would like to teach others about him/her!


About cwejr

K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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2 Responses to Identity Day 2012 is Coming – December 4th

  1. Linda McMullan says:

    Going to try to get there this year because I heard such wonderful comments about last year’s event!

    Linda McMullan

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