10 Good Things to Talk About – November 2

Gr. 4 students at the intermediate Halloween Dance

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  1. G. 6 student poses in the corner of the haunted house.

    A Haunting Experience  Division 1 students redesigned our vacated portable as a haunted house for all the students to walk through.  The house had tricks for all ages and was a huge hit at the school.  Thanks for all the efforts!

  2. Party Rock!

    Costumes galore!  Many staff and students showed their Halloween “spirit” on Wednesday and also had the chance to enjoy classroom parties and an intermediate dance put on by Division 2.

  3. Pumpkin Patch – Mrs. Roste, Mrs. Smith, and Ms. Garrioch’s classes braved the rain and mud as they searched for their pumpkins in Chilliwack.  Not only did they find pumpkins that they could barely lift… they even spotted some blue sky.
  4. Bulletin board outside Ms. Exley’s class.

    Hallway Decor  Our hallways are filled with beautiful fall artwork – please come and check out our student work!

  5. Soccer Tourney at Sts’ailes  Mr. Penner took 2 teams up to Sts’ailes last Friday as the teams competed against other local schools.  Thank you to Mr. Penner and his team for their efforts in a great season.
  6. Music  Classes are preparing for the Remembrance Day Assembly by learning 2 beautiful songs.  Please check out the recordings for I have a Dream by Justin Rule and Al Shlosha D’varim by University of Washington Choirs on YouTube to practice.
  7. Remembrance Day   We invite family members to join us on Friday, November 9th at 11:00 for our Remembrance Day assembly. 
  8. Bear Aware presentation

    Bear Aware – Divisions 1 and 4 learned how to stay safe in bear country last week.  Chris from Bear Aware came and gave an interested presentation that included images and stories of bears in BC.

  9. Primary students honoured at our Celebrating Our Strengths Assembly.

    Celebrating Our Strengths  Our first group of students was honoured last Friday in our Celebrating Our Strengths assembly.  Students in Mrs. DiRezze’s grade 6 music class performed a body percussion routine.  Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Roste, and Ms Garrioch’s classes performed poems and songs they have learned.

  10. Identity Day  This exciting school-wide project day is coming November 20th. Each student is encouraged to do a project on themselves – on their family or culture, a passion or an area of interest. Click here for information and examples of projects from 2011.

Click here for a video of images from September and October at Kent School.


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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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One Response to 10 Good Things to Talk About – November 2

  1. Linda McMullan says:

    At first, I thought you were expanding your post, and then I realized that #2 got missed (or I missed it, somehow) and #11 was just making it up….

    Thanks, Chris!

    Linda McMullan

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