10 Good Things to Talk About – October 6

Maintaing our beautiful garden.

  1. iWalk to School/Work Week  Students will have the option of being dropped off at AESS on the mornings of Wednesday-Friday next week so they can walk to school as part of iWalk Week.  Please note that permission forms must be signed to participate in this supervised event.  We are looking forward to teachers and many special guests helping out!
  2. A few of the Kent Work Bees

    Garden Beautification  Our kids LOVE our garden.  Mrs. Cardinal rallied the troops and had students and parents drop by to help weed, prune, and clean up our wonderful garden.  Be sure to stop by and have a look!

  3. Grade 3/4 Student working on their descriptive writing.

    Livening Up Their Writing  Students in Ms. Exley’s class worked hard to come up with some lively descriptive words to bring excitement to their writing.

  4. Grade 4 ‘Marshins’  Mr. Mills and Mrs. Faulkner took our grade 4’s to Hope to explore the wetlands of the Thacker Marsh.  There is nothing like science in the natural setting!
  5. Gr 1 Students doing their “iPICK” song/dance

    Daily 5 in Grade 1  Mrs. Smith’s class is working on their reading and writing skills (as well as becoming more independent) through a teaching framework called the Daily 5.  They also were singing and learning about how to choose books of interest at their level through a song called iPICK – please ask your child to teach you the song and the sweet dance moves.

  6. A Classroom Community Through Facebook  Mrs. Roste and Ms. Garrioch have created a space to build community and share stories from their classes for their families that use Facebook.
  7. Kent Athletics  Our intermediate co-ed soccer team travelled to Sardis elementary this week.  Although the team came up a little short on the scoreboard, they represented our school well!  Our cross-country team also travelled to Chilliwack to run at FG Leary School.  Students put in their top effort and worked to improve their personal best times.
  8. Students working together to include peers in learning how to use the iPad.

    Inclusion is Just What We Do  The staff of Kent School truly believe that the best thing for ALL our students is to include all of them in everything we do.  We have many students with different abilities that teach the staff and each other so much about their abilities and determination. Creating awareness is a goal for us, so if you have questions, please ask!

  9. CHOICES Next Week  Students have chosen their activities and will start learning new exciting skills in their CHOICES program next Wednesday.
  10. Kent Goes Broadway  Mrs. Di Rezze and Mr. Mills are teaming up to tap into the artistic strengths of our students as they work to put on a Musical this year. If your child is in grade 3-6 and interested, please see Mrs. Di Rezze.

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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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One Response to 10 Good Things to Talk About – October 6

  1. Linda McMullan says:

    I hope the fine weather stays, making walking to school an enjoyable activity!

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