10 Good Things To Talk About – September 28


  1. Terry Fox Run  Students put in some of their best effort in this year’s Terry Fox Run.  We had our grade 6 leaders warm us up, a guest Skype appearance by former Kent student Andrew Putt and his 21 month-old daughter Lilee-Jean who is battling brain cancer, the support of parents and RCMP constables… and a route full of students running with a purpose.  Please check with your child and ask him/her whom they ran for.  Thank you to all those families who brought in coins to donate to this great cause!
  2. Cheering on the athletes.

    Sports Day in Canada at Kent Mrs. Gallamore and her class organized a week of activities this week to promote health and physical activity.  Students were able to try out a number of activities, participate in some runs, and take part in our Olympic-Style school relays.

  3. Our School Garden Needs Your Help!  Mrs. Cardinal is inviting any parents or family members to come in and work with their children in the garden next Friday from 9-12 for a work bee.  Lunch will be brought in for all those who pitch in.  Please let the school know if you would like to assist.  We have a beautiful garden that kids love but we need to maintain it and we would love your help.
  4. Grade 6’s at Squeah  Our grade 6 students all travelled past Hope to Camp Squeah on Monday to participate in some hikes and team-building activities.
  5. High 5 for Character and Setting  Ms. Home’s class is using their hands (well, their fingers) to help them ask questions about characters and setting in their reading.
  6. Making R’s

    R says RRRRR  Our kindergarten students are working their way through their letter sounds.  You can see all sorts of objects and hear plenty of songs that deal with S and R this week.

  7. Getting Green  The sprinklers have been on throughout this week and we are seeing some lovely green growth on our hill.  We are getting closer!
  8. Don’t worry – it is an illusion.  Mr. Penner’s class is creating their own optical illusions for art.  Make sure to stop by the board to check them out!
  9. Student works on his science project.

    Science and Technology Mr. Gallamore’s students are creating their own SMART board presentations for their science projects.  The projects include information, drawings, and fun activities for others to use.

  10. Meaningful Letter Writing Our grade 5/6 class is learning the format of personal letters (and also encouraging a joy of reading) by writing to their favourite authors.  Hoping to get some replies!

We always welcome your comments/feedback in the space below.  Click the images above to enlarge them.

Have a great weekend!


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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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  1. All good! Linda McMullan

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