10 Good Things To Talk About – September 21

Family moments at the welcome back BBQ.

  1. Welcome Back BBQ a Huge Success!  Our BBQ last night was a hit again this year.  Families brought their lawn chairs and all hung out on the back field taking in the sunshine and enjoying the company of our Kent community.  A co-ed football game

    Preparing the food.

    was started by the kids and kept many busy for a few hours.  Thank you so much to all those who came out as well as all those who were able to lend a hand.

  2. Terry Fox Run and Fundraiser  Next week, we will be raising money for cancer research and running in National School Run Day.  The fundraiser involves bringing in spare coins to donate on the following days: Monday – pennies/nickels; Tuesday – dimes; Wednesday – quarters; Thursday – loonies; Friday – twoonies.  We will be running on Thursday at 11:00.  We would love it if you could help or run with the kids – just contact the school to let us know.
  3. Sports Day in Canada at Kent Mrs. Gallamore is inviting interested classes to participate in a few activities next week.  Monday and Tuesday will be 15 minutes of exercise in the morning; Wednesday will be “Try It Day’ in which students can try a few different activities/sports; Thursday will be our Terry Fox Run; and Friday we will have school relays in the afternoon.  These are all designed to encourage our students to lead healthy and active lifestyles.
  4. Students Designing Their Own Presentations  Students in Mr. Gallamore’s class will be researching and designing their own SMART Board presentations this year. Students will choose a topic/issue/question of interest and work on researching, learning, and organizing their thoughts to eventually present to the class.  There are so many skills involved in this; it will be great to see the final results!
  5. Grade 6’s to Squeah  Students in Mrs. Gallamore and Mr. Penner’s classes are off to Camp Squeah on Monday to enjoy the beautiful (and tough) hike up there.
  6. Gr 6 student reads with a gr 1 student at lunch time.

    More Books, More Kids, More Often!  Mrs. Dumas used this phrase in the library and I loved it! That is what we are continuing to encourage at Kent school – spreading the joy of books.  Please pop by the library and ask about our family library card.

  7. Division 6 and their Garden and Tree  Mrs. Cardinal’s class has already walked to the community garden to work on their plot… and they could not do this without visiting that beautiful tree

    Mrs. Cardinal’s students in “their tree”

    that all the students love!

  8. Hill is Now Seeded  Our hill has been seeded and is now being watered on a regular basis.  Thank you so much to Collin Johnson for his endless hours with this!
  9. Math Jewellery? Mrs. Smith was donning some interesting jewellery made of various patterns that her grade 1 students had made for math this week.
  10. Gr. 4 art inspired by Brownbridge

    Art and Reading  Mr.Mills’ class has been exploring the work of Canadian author/artist William Roy Brownbridge.  The students are using his work for both reading and art.

As always, comments and feedback welcomed! Click on the photos to enlarge.

Have a great weekend!


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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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