10 Good Things to Talk About – June 8

Trucks have begun to haul the soil for the Kent Hill.

  1. Celebrating Our Strengths  We welcomed families to the school and honoured another group of students for their strengths and interests.  It was the best turn out of the year for our families!  To watch the video of images of Kent Students in May, please click here.
  2. Intermediate choir performs.

    Choir Concert  The choir students performed songs of work and play for a packed gym last week.  Congratulations to Mrs. Di Rezze and the students for a performance that showcased the result of all their efforts!

  3. Intermediate drummers play a welcome song.

    FN Honouring Ceremony  Our intermediate First Nation students and families participated in our honouring ceremony this past week.  Thank you to Kasey, Nelson, and Mrs. Pennier (along with the student cooks and helpers) for putting on another amazing event. A team from the First Nation Education Steering Committee was here to highlight some of the work that our school and the communities are doing for family-school relationships.

  4. Bring on the Hill!  The trucks have started to dump the soil that will be used to create our Natural Play area for our students.  A special thank you to Kafi Landscaping and Collin Johnson of Wedler Engineering for volunteering their services.  Amazing to see a group work together to get something like this all donated from our great community!!! The hill will be open for students in the fall.
  5. Year End Honouring Assembly  Our year end assembly, in which we honour each grade 6 student, is set for Tuesday, June 26 at 1:05.  All families are invited to attend this event.
  6. Othello Tunnels and Hope Slide  Students in Mr. Penner’s class travelled to the Hope Slide and Othello Tunnels to check out some local history (The Slide, the Railway… and Rambo!)
  7. Kindergarten Orientation  We had the honour of meeting the families of our next year’s kindergarten students at the kindergarten orientation last week.  If you know of any family looking to register their child please have them call or stop by the school.
  8. Pennies for Charity  Ms. Home’s grade 1/2 class is collecting pennies to donate to a 3rd world country.  Since the penny will soon be discontinued, why not bring it in and place it in the big jug near the library?
  9. Mrs. Cardinal reads to her students.

    Reading With Imagery  Both Mrs. Cardinal and Mr. Gallamore’s classes have been working on creating images while reading.  Students draw their images while reading (or being read to) only the text.

  10. Joy in Reading  A key goal for our staff this year has been to try to create an environment that encourages a love of reading.  In a recent survey of intermediate students, 97% of students said they enjoyed reading.  Congratulations to staff, students and families of Kent School!

Primary students honoured this month.

Intermediate students honoured this month.

FUNDRAISER:  Some parents have organized a fundraiser for next Thursday that includes the chance to send some teachers for a dip in the dunk tank.


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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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