10+1 Good Things To Talk About – May 24

Danae receives the medal to carry on her leg of the relay

  1. Rick Hansen Relay  Our entire school came out to support our medal bearer, Danae Timmers, in her leg of the relay on May 11.  You can access a video of the images by clicking here.
  2. Run For Water  A group of staff and students will be participating in the 5K portion of the Run For Water this Sunday.  Proceeds of the run go to helping to create access to clean water for people in Ethiopia.  Access to clean water means that young girls do not need to travel many kms and instead can attend school.
  3. Grade 6 student ties the 44 year-old high jump record.

    Sports Day!  We had another successful sports day at our school last week.  Many parents came out to cheer the kids on in a day filled with smiles, activity and excitement.  You can access many photos of sports day on our Facebook Page.

  4. Dip Your Toes   More students have been dipping in for the annual swim program.  Students will receive notice about 2 weeks prior to their first day at the pool.  Please make sure your child has a swimsuit.
  5. Year End Assembly  Our year end assembly, in which we honour each grade 6 student, is set for Tuesday, June 26 at 1:05.  All families are invited to attend this event.
  6. Day at the Fort  Ms. Exley, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Cardinal’s grade 3’s travelled to Fort Langley to learn about some local history in this annual trip.
  7. Fraser River Watershed  Mr. Gallamore and Mr. Penner’s classes walked to the Fraser River to learn all about the ecosystem that is the Fraser River Watershed.  You can see images of Mr. Gallamore’s trip by going to http://bit.ly/Kytz4m
  8. Mrs. G demonstrates a salmon dissection.

    The Anatomy of the Salmon  Mrs. Gallamore’s class has been learning all about salmon for the past few months and this week got to get a close up look at the anatomy through a dissection.

  9. D.A.R.E. Grad

    D.A.R.E. Grad  Constable Tracy Abrahamson led our grade 5’s through their Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education graduation.  Students read out their powerful letters and received their shirts for completion of the program.  This important program not only helps students to be aware of the effects of peer pressure, drugs, and alcohol but also helps to build relationships between the students and the RCMP.

  10. Global Collaborative Story Writing Project  The story is complete!  A project that involved our intermediate students as well as students from Richmond, BC and Bucharest, Romania resulted in a fantastic mystery that can now be read at http://bit.ly/KyujGH Check it out and leave your feedback.
  11. Science  SFU came and presented grade level science to each class yesterday. Pictures to come soon!

To see a video of images from the months of March and April 2012, click here.

As always, feedback on happenings at Kent School is appreciated!

To see enlarged photos, click on the image you would like enlarged.


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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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