Global Collaborative Story Writing Project

STORY WRITING PROJECT – adapted from Mr. Gallamore’s website

The grade fives in my (Mr. Gallamore’s) classroom have been involved in a story writing project with many other classes from around the world. Each class had one week to add one paragraph to the story.  My grade fives started the story, followed by: 

Mrs. Gallamore, Agassiz, BC, Gr.6
Mr. Penner , Agassiz, BC, Gr. 6
Ms. Cristina Milos, Romania, Gr. 2/3
Mrs. Smith, Agassiz, BC, Gr. 4
Mr. Ward, Richmond, BC, Gr. 3/4
Mr. Mills, Agassiz, BC, Gr. 4



Good morning sunshine was the first thing I heard when I walked down the
steep, wooden stairs to the wide, open kitchen. As the warm smell of bacon
and eggs filled my head, I closed my deep blue eyes and envisioned my
glorious breakfast sitting on a grand, glass centered table. My mother and
father sitting at either end politely ordered hardworking servants to
bring me new, freshly squeezed orange juice every morning. But the truth
is, I live in a poorly kept orphanage. I have been here as long as I can
remember. The breakfast table was the same as always except for a
newspaper article which caught my eye. Shockingly the article said that a house burned
down to people who I believe might be my real parents. Tonight I, Arabella
Peterson, plan my escape.

I could not decide whether to call my best friend Maria or not. Besides I am 13, I can handle this by myself, right? But for now I should worry about breakfast because I am starving! Today we had the usual special; cold, lumpy, disgusting porridge and stale dry toast. After breakfast I pulled on my tattered, ragged blue Sunday dress as I dashed out the door to catch Maria and Zack, my closest friends. We scurried off to Sunday school. Maria saw the agitated look in my eyes. She looked at me curiously. “Arabella, you look very…. Well…. ummmmm…. Anxious. Is something big happening in class today? Maria asks. “Oh no”, I reply, it’s just a beautiful spring day and I am enjoying the beautiful weather”. I couldn’t stand lying to her; she obviously knew by my expression that something was wrong. In my mind a whirlwind of ideas were swirling. I could excavate a tunnel with a spoon like the inmates in prison. I could crawl through the vent disregarding the spider webs. Or… I could…. Attempt my escape Romeo and Juliet style. I could shimmy down the side of the orphanage using my bed sheets. I can’t keep this contained inside of me any more! I need to tell someone. Maria, I thought instantly. “Zack … you mozie on ahead to Sunday school and we will be right there.” “OK”, replied Zack. Just then I pull Maria aside. Suddenly I blurted it out, my secret plan to escape and find evidence of my past. I don’t think she understood me with the stunned look on her face. “Well?” Only one thing says Maria. Can I come with you?

Image“Are you sure?” I asked, surprised. “Yes,” said Maria with a slight
sound of excitement. I was shocked, Maria has always been one of those people who have been well behaved and she has always tried to please others. I was surprised she would even think of coming with me. Later that night we crawled silently through the dark cold vents with nothing but five dollars, some rope, a loaf of bread and a small yellow flash light. Waiting on the other side of the vents was a bus stop. “Arabella!” said Maria with fright in her voice, “are you sure this is safe?” “What if we fall?” she said. “Don’t worry,” I replied quietly. We came across the vent over the dining room and we heard the adults talking about the burnt down house. They said to make sure no one found out about the house and they shredded the news article. The adults then headed to the sleeping kids in their rooms. I wasn’t sure what they were doing, but I think they
were checking if I was there. We moved through the vents silently but fast and soon we came to the bus stop. I checked my watch, it was midnight. The cold rain started to drizzle and everything from that point on was miserable. At about 12:15am the bus arrived. We hopped on and I paid for two one way tickets to Main Street, Creston City.

Both of us were relieved and looked with hope at the future.

“What do you think I should tell my parents when I first meet them?” I asked Maria who was smiling while looking out the window. She turned to me and replied,

“Well…I think I would ask them how I ended up in the orphanage and how they could leave me there all by myself.’

Silence surrounded us all of a sudden. Neither of us had the answers. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash! A loud noise broke the silence and the bus stopped. All the passengers, including us, glared outside, then at the driver, and started panicking.

“What? What was that?” The pale driver looked shocked, too, and rushed outside to check the tires. Screaming was mixed with worried faces: nobody could tell what happened.

“Unfortunately, two tires went flat and you will have to spend the night here.”

All the people in the bus started talking.

“Aw! Today I was supposed to meet the president!” complained one of the passengers.
“Today is my Mother’s B-day!” explained another.
“Oh no, I have so much work to do at home!” a tall woman whined.
“My kids, my kids! They are alone!” exclaimed a lady.

All the people in the bus where thinking what they could do. My face got red and I was sweating all over my body… My feet couldn’t stay still.
“Please, be calm!” announced the driver.
Person after person got off the bus with blue faces. We followed them walking slowly, with our head down on the ground. We got out of the bus having no more than $2 and a loaf of bread.

After a while I was staring at an interesting house. We knocked at the door. An old lady with ginger hair and lots of jewels opened.
“What are you doing here?!” the woman frowned.
Of course she didn’t let us in because she said “Get out right now!”
We were very upset and with no other choice left, we went to the next house. In it there were some delicious cookies with some bits of chocolate and also on the table there was a big cherry cake.
“Yummy! What if that lady will let us in?” Maria wondered.
We knocked at the door with our mouths full of water. A whispering voice said:
“Who is here?”
Maria and I were shivering and we couldn’t word out anything at all.
Before we realized the door opened with a crack.
“Oh, little girls! What are you doing here in the middle of the night?” the old lady muttered.
A smile crept on our faces. However we did not want to reply the question. Maria and I only thanked her and went in the house.
The old lady had white curly hair, she had some shiny eyes and let’s not forget about her reddish cheeks.
“Why couldn’t I have a parent like this lady? She is so sweet!” Maria exclaimed.
I looked down and replied with a low voice,
“Life does not always bring you happiness.”
The lady arranged a comfortable bed for us. We slept without breathing. I dreamed about my family. We were happy and we had a great time.
“Girls! Breakfast is ready!”
I jumped out of bed with a soft smile on my face. Maria looked at me with sleepy eyes.
” We are coming right now!” I shouted while I was putting my ragged old clothes on.

We rushed down the stairs and the smell of the toast, cheese and fresh orange juice made us feel like we already had a family.

“Yummy”, I said with my mouth full of toast.

“It’s delicious!” exclaimed Maria.

“Don’t forget about the juice!” the old lady added.

“Oh, we forgot to ask you,” Maria continued,” what is your name?”

“I am Mrs. Rose. I have lived here for more than 15 years, and I know this place very well. Don’t mind my neighbor, Mrs. MEANgle – she doesn’t really like kids.”

“We know!” I interrupted. “Last night she didn’t let us in!”

“What are you doing here without your parents?” Mrs. Rose inquired.

We instantly looked at each other, sighed and I started talking.

“Oh, you know, we don’t really have parents. First of all, we escaped from the orphanage and hope to find our biological parents if they are alive. Secondly, we thought they were the owners of the burnt house. We wanted to go to Creston City but, unfortunately, the bus had two flat tires. So we ended up here.”

The old lady was shocked. She looked at us, then at the newspaper, and then asked,

“What is your last name?”

“Mine is Peterson,“ I quickly answered.

“Mine is Smith”, my best friend added.

“Oh, dear! I am sorry for your hard life! Look, the name Peterson is in the newspaper- how strange is that? Or better yet, it’s a great coincidence!”

“Peterson???” I could hardly breathe. My hands were shaking with emotion and my heart started racing. I looked at Maria: she was smiling but I knew that in her heart she felt hopeless.

“Don’t worry, Maria! Maybe we will find your parents, too”, I tried to encourage her.

“I can and would like to help you, girls!” Mrs. Rose exclaimed. “I have a car, enough money and food to get you to the burnt house.”

We were so excited that we nearly fell off our chairs! Quickly we jumped in the car and Mrs. Rose started the engine. Hooray! We were on our way!


At the orphanage things were getting worse by hour. The staff asked all the children if they saw any of the two girls who ran away the night before. Eventually, they went to Zack to find the answers. Poor him! He had no idea where they were. But the director kept asking and asking until Zack snapped,

“I don’t know! They just told me to go ahead on Sunday school and they didn’t share any secret with me. Why don’t you trust me?”

The director frowned,

” Because they are your best friends, that’s why! We have no other choice but post rewards all over the city to get them back.”

Zack muttered to himself, “How can I help them? I can’t do anything.”

On the same day you could see posters with the missing girls all over the town: on the poles, on the buildings, fences and even shop entrances.

The situation seemed even worse. Mrs. MEANgle was full of evil joy! It was her chance to get even with her old enemy, Mrs. Rose.

“Perfect! My dream came true!” Mrs. MEANGLe whispered to herself while looking at one of the posters. She rushed to her house and dialed the number of the orphanage.

“Hello! My name is Mrs. MEANgle and I live on 23 Apple Street. I saw the posters in the city and I want to inform you that the two girls entered my neighbor’s house last night. They first knocked at my door but I refused to let them in. It was too late and it seemed strange that no one else was with them.”

“Are they still in your neighbor’s house?”, the director asked impatiently.

“No, I saw them leaving by car this morning but I don’t know where they went.”

“Can you tell us the car plate number? Can you describe the car?”

“Sure, the number is MBo-3334. The car is a Red Audi”, answered Mrs. MEANgle.

It was a total mess. The girls were unaware of the chaos they left behind. Nor did they have any idea that two cars were pursuing them already.

ImageAfter they drove away they found out that 2 cars were following them. Arabella looked out the back window of the car and said, “Hey! We’re being followed!” Mrs. Rose shouted, “I know a place only my car can fit!” Arabella and Maria looked at each other with worry in their eyes. Maria asked “Mrs. Rose…is this safe?” Mrs. Rose didn’t reply. Arabella wondered, “What road are we on?” Mrs. Rose replied, “I have no clue. Let’s name this road Peterson Road.” Maria said, “The next road to be named is Smith.” Arabella exclaimed, “Here it is!!!” Maria and Arabella looked at each other excitedly. Mrs. Rose said excitedly, “We lost them! Now they won’t know were here!” Arabella was the first one out of the car. She quickly ran to the ashes of the house. Then a bit of movement caught Arabella’s eye and she called Maria over. Arabella whispered, “I saw something moving. It came from over there.” Arabella pointed in the direction she saw the movement.

Arabella and Maria went slowly and cautiously to the movement. It was a cat, they gasped, but the cat kept meowing at Arabella. Maria patted Arabella and said “I think the cat wants you to follow her.” So Arabella and Maria followed the cat until they found muddy footprints. It leads them to another mysterious, but not very mysterious bag. Arabella went to open it, but Maria said “wait don’t open it,” “why?” said Arabella, “It looks scary” said Maria. Arabella never minds Maria and picks up the bag, “it’s heavy and dusty” says Arabella. Arabella scrapes off the dust and looks in astonishment. Arabella looks in with her mouth as huge as a whale. Maria says “what’s in it!” Arabella shows Maria the bag and Maria shouts “money!” “How much is in here?” said Maria, “I don’t know” replied Arabella. So they counted the money, a few minutes later they finished counting it was 50 million dollars. They both were surprised how much money was in that bag but Arabella saw something very curious. Arabella picked it up cautiously to see what is was. It said ‘ To: Arabella (ripped) Bearlog Street (ripped) From: T (ripped)’. Maria came and said “what is that?” Arabella didn’t answer so Maria rushed to Arabella “what is that?” “I don’t know” said Arabella. It says Bearlog street, I think we should go there said Arabella, “Ok I guess so” said Maria. So they went back to the car but Ms. Rose and the car were not there. “Huh, where did the car go?” said Maria. “Ms. Rose couldn’t have left” said Arabella, “maybe she did.” They were thinking for a while until Arabella said “let’s just walk” and Maria said “Ok.”

So they walked to Bearlog Street until they stopped and Arabella said “wait, where is Bearlog Street?” “I don’t know” said Maria “maybe we should ask some people.” Maria and Arabella asked a few people but most just walked or ran away and they were puzzled why is everyone not answering me and just running away, until they walked up to a big scary man. Maria was scared but Arabella was brave, so Arabella said “do you know where Bearlog Street is?” “Humph” said the Man, while taking a cigar out of his pocket and lighting it up. “So you two little wimpy girls want to go to Bearlog Street?” “Yes” said Arabella quietly. The man laughed like someone who is extremely happy. Arabella looked puzzled and Maria just came into the act. Arabella said “what’s funny?” The Man stopped laughing he said “turn right from here and its two blocks away.” They left to go to Bearlog Street, “wait” said the Man, you’ll need this. The man gave them a little nick-knack. At first to Arabella is looked like nothing but when they looked closer it was a mini-lantern. “What is this for?” Arabella said puzzled. “You’ll see,” says the Man. Then both girls went to Bearlog Street puzzled but when they were walking to Bearlog Street the place got darker and darker and scarier and scarier by the moment. By the time they made it to Bearlog Street it was as dark and scary as a nightmare. Maria noticed something and it scared her to death, “I think someone’s following us” whispered Maria. “It’s nothing” said Arabella, but when they kept walking they saw scary men and women like the big scary man before. “What should we do?” whispered Arabella . . .

The girls ran down the road. “We have to get out of here!” screamed Arabella. So they leaped into a bush. ”Be quiet,” whispered Maria. Arabella poked her head out and instantly pulled it back screaming “, AAAHHHH!” Arabella started saying but Maria cut her off by covering her mouth. “Are you Crazy ???” we could have been caught by the robbers and Mrs. Meangle. The two Scary men were whispering to the girls “, Dump the money in the bag, kids” Maria and Arabella ran. They ran and ran. It was so dark that they did not notice that they ran inside a truck. “Darn it we were tricked ! Hurry up the door is closing, we ‘re too late,” says Maria. The same two robbers and Mrs. Meangle were in the front driving the truck.”How did she get here,” says Maria.Then suddenly the truck rumbled and took off. It was pitch dark , suddenly Arabella got an idea and turned on the lantern. So they shined the lantern through the back window and into the rearview mirror and blinded the driver.This caused the truck to swerve and crash into a wall and the jolt caused the back door to open.They got up and ran away from the truck screaming”, Ahhhh!” Maria saw a person in the darkness …. It was Mrs. Rose! “Girls guess who is behind me!” she happily said to the girls. The girls saw Arabella’s parents, well Arabella thought it was.. And she was right it was her parents! They were the people who the money belongs too. Her parents told her that Maria was her step sister because her Dad was with Arabella’s Mom. They went home, real home. Meanwhile Mrs. Meangle was so angry that she sat on a …. Tomato! “NOOOOOO!” she yelled at the top of her lungs. When they got home the same cat was scratching at the door, so Maria decided to name it Shadow.The next morning Arabella and Maria woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs .”Pass the freshly squeezed 100% Florida Orange Juice,” said Arabella. They got everything that they could ever want……. A real family.



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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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