10 Good Things to Talk About – April 20

Canuck Fever!

(Please click on any photos to enlarge)
  1. Students Wheeling!

    Gr. 6 student and K student learn how to wheel around.

    Mrs. Gallamore has been working with Fraser Valley occupational therapists to bring sports wheelchairs for Kent Students to experience.  Mrs. Dove’s K class also got to experience the speed and stability of these chairs.  A great way to raise awareness and promote the upcoming Rick Hansen tour.

  2. Student Work Blown Up  Mr. Gallamore, Mrs. Smith, and

    Document Camera

    Mr. Mills are using document cameras (like a portable web cam) to take examples of student learning, blow it up and put it on the big screen, develop criteria and self-assess in art, writing, math, etc.

  3. Collaborative Writing  Our intermediate classes are all writing a story together with classes from Richmond, BC and Bucharest, Romania.  Mr. Gallamore’s class started a paragraph and each class rotates and works together to build on this preceding paragraph until a story is created.  You can see the project by clicking here.
  4. Basketball Continues  Mr. Penner and Mr. Grieshaber-Otto have been working hard with the grade 5/6 boys basketball team as they round up their season with the final tourney next week.  Mrs. Gallamore has her girls all primed for some final games with St. Mary’s and the year-end tourney as well.  Congrats to all those athletes for their hard-work and dedication.
  5. Real-life Math  Mr. Penner’s class spent their math period in the playground checking out angles as part of their geometry unit.  Students checked out playground equipment, trees and many other items and took photos as a way to see geometry in their “real life”.
  6. Bring on the HILL!!! Our design for a natural play area in the back field has been approved.  We will be putting in a large hill for students to play on and enjoy.  Please check out the design by clicking here.
  7. Primary Choir

    Choir Info  Mrs. Di Rezze would like to remind families of the concert dates on the evenings of May 30-31.  The students are in need of assistance with video recording and an accompanist so if you have any experience in these areas, please contact the school.  Also, on May 16, our intermediate choir will be touring senior care homes in the Agassiz and Chilliwack areas to spread their joy through songs.

  8. Canuck Fever

    A key reason Canucks won game 4 - the spirit of Mrs. V's class!

    Although the boys got off to a rough start, Canuck Fever has swept Kent School.  Mrs. V’s class made their own Canuck artwork to show their support. Go Canucks!

  9. Everything is Growing! The plants in our garden are blossoming, the salmon eggs in Mrs. G’s class have become fry, the eggs in Mrs. Dove, Ms. Garrioch, and Mrs. V’s class have become tadpoles…and our students seem to be growing out of their clothes before our eyes! Spring is here!
  10. Celebrating Our Strengths  the latest group of students were honoured for their strengths and interests last Friday.  Thank you to all those families who came to support Kent Kids!  To check out our latest video go to: http://bit.ly/ItdXx4

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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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