10 Good Things To Talk About – Jan 13

Families: Here’s something to talk about with your child or with each other!

Please click on the links for more info:

  1. HOJA! Our students were thoroughly entertained Wednesday by the A Cappella group HOJA out of Calgary.  The students sang along as they were treated to Top 40 songs that spanned the ages. Click here for more…
  2. Skype Play  Ms. Garrioch’s kindergarten class has linked up with other classes from around North America through Skype.  The students played and learned with a class from Abbotsford this week.  A whole new method of Pen Pals! Click here for more info…
  3. CHOICES  It’s back! CHOICES will begin again next Wednesday.  Teachers and staff are facilitating activities such as sculpting, website design, film studies, drama, origami, sign language, sports, games, canoe building, dance, Lego, knitting, 2-way radio communication, and  art.
  4. More fundraising for Lilee  Students donated books and toys and sold them to raise money for Lilee-Jean, a child who is fighting brain cancer.  Another great example of Kent Students thinking far beyond themselves!
  5. Basketball Season  Kent School has been taken over by the thunderous sounds of

    Morning shoot around

    bouncing basketballs once again as Mrs. Gallamore and Mr. Penner gear up for another season.

  6. Talent Show Students are planning a talent show for the evening of February 23rd.  Please see the back of this page for more info.  All proceeds go to the family of Lilee-Jean.
  7. Face-off between students and teachers

    Teachers Survive Avalanche  A group of teachers challenged the boys floor hockey house games champion Avalanche in a friendly game yesterday.  The students packed the gym to cheer on their peers but it was not quite enough to overtake the ‘powerful’ Kent Staff.  Lots of smiles and lots of high 5’s were the highlights of the game. Click here for more info…

  8. Staff’s Hot Picks  Have you seen the staff book recommendations around the school?  Outside of some classrooms, you will find a staff member’s hot pick – a book they recommend.  Ask them why they recommend it and then check it out! Just another way that our staff encourages reading at our school.
  9. Twin Day Students organized a day in which we all dressed up like someone else in the school… they hope to do more spirit days in the future!
  10. Run and Read  Each Friday, Mrs. Gallamore’s grade 6’s and Mrs. V’s grade 1’s buddy up for their “Read and Run” program.  The goal is for the students to exercise both the body and the mind as they buddy up for some physical fitness and then some reading.  What a great program!

A reminder that next Friday is a Pro-D Day so no school for kids!


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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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