Avalanche vs Teachers in Floor Hockey Challenge!

A friendly game of hockey at Kent School

The house games champion Avalanche faced off against the teachers in a friendly game of floor hockey today at lunch in the Kent gym.

The “Goal-Scoring” Gallamores captained the teachers to a narrow victory in the spirited affair.  Jim “the Wall” Turner was let very little by him other than a few “Visser”ian snapshots by a boy named Blake; also, I am sure that Mr. T felt like it was “Reynen” pucks every time Sam took one of his lethal slapshots.  The teachers struggled to score as the acrobatic “Levee Lees” was tough to break but eventually put enough by young Spencer to seal the win in the end.

Teachers intensely envisioning their game plan

All in all, the packed gym enjoyed the efforts of both teams and some good ole handshakes finished the event.

Other Teacher players:

  • Nancy “Puck magnet” Pennier
  • Stacey “the Grinder” Garrioch
  • Greg “the Machine” Mills
  • Diane “Excellence and Effort” Exley
  • Amy “Sick Moves” Smith
  • Kathie “Crazy-legs” Cardinal
  • Duane “Powerhouse” Penner

Thank you to Mr. Gallamore for organizing this event and to the entire Avalanche team (and the student referees) for their sportsmanship and effort!


About cwejr

K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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