10 Good Things – Dec 16

Families: here are 10 good things to talk about with your family and others:

  1. Santa’s Workshop  Mrs. Gallamore’s grade 6 class put on a wonderful Santa’s

    Elves in Santa's Workshop

    Workshop for all interested students to enjoy.  They had cookie decorating, games, and even Santa! Check out the video here.

  2. Food Bank and Cereal Drive  The school brought in almost 100 boxes of cereal and Ms. Home’s class had a huge bin full of food to donate to the local food bank.
  3. Students participating in readers' theatre.

    Readers’ Theatre  I had the honour of catching a number of readers’ theatre and plays in our primary classes this past week.  Congrats to Ms. Exley, Mrs. Dumas, Ms. Home, and Mrs. Cardinal’s students for their hard work as well as great acting and reading skills.

  4. Kindie Baking and Crafts  I walked into the kindergarten class to check out their

    Kindie Baking and Crafts

    awesome holiday baking/crafts and Mrs. Dove and Ms. Garrioch put me right to work!  I was supposed to be helping with some crafts but I am pretty sure the kids were doing the teaching!

  5. Primary Choir

    Choir Concert  Congratulations to Mrs. Di Rezze and all those who put in a great effort to make our choir concert a success.  The students played some beautiful songs to celebrate the season in front of a gym full of students and families.  The choir also travelled to Chilliwack last week to sing their festive songs for some elder community members (and had a great time).

  6. All About Me  Mr. Mills class is looking into their family tree, interviewing their elders, and presenting their projects to the class.  Awesome to see homework that includes learning from family!
  7. Festive Lunch  Over 300 people sat down to enjoy our 21stAnnual Festive Lunch this

    21st Annual Festive Lunch

    week.  Thank you so much to the PAC for all their work in making this another great success.

  8. Animal Project Presentations  Ms. Home and Mrs. Dumas worked with the grade 1/2 students to help them develop and answer their own research questions… then present their findings to the class.  We saw some excited students sharing their findings in a very professional manner!
  9. Learning from the Chiefs

    Learning from the Chiefs  Mr. Gallamore’s class had a few members of the Chilliwack Chiefs come in to read and play hockey with the class.  Great role modeling by our local hockey players.

  10. Volleyball and House Games  Mr. Penner took some of our volleyball players over to Agassiz Christian last week to participate in a tournament.  The students once again represented our school well.  The big final of the boys’ house games happened today at lunch… pretty intense game and a loud gym for Mr. Gallamore and his boys.  Mrs. Gallamore wrapped up the exciting Skittle Ball League in girls’ house games last week too…. congrats to all who participated!

As always, feedback is encouraged so please comment below.

From all of us at Kent School… Have a great holiday with family!!!


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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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2 Responses to 10 Good Things – Dec 16

  1. Linda McMullan says:

    Always interesting to catch up with the good things happening at Kent. I hope you all have a restorative holiday and come back, safe and healthy!

    Linda McMullan

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