10 Good Things – Oct 28

Families:    Here’s something to talk about with your child or with each other!

  1. Happy Sto:lo New Year!  We had the honour of hosting Sto:lo New Year celebrations this year at Kent School.  Students from Harrison, AESS, Seabird and Chehalis came and sang, danced, and performed to help celebrate the end of a year filled with hard work.  Thank you so much to Kasey and Nelson for their efforts in making this event possible! Click here for images.
  2. Running for Pumpkins?  Students ran 3km today on our pumpkin run.  They were instructed to count the pumpkins along the way… I heard 44 was the number!
  3. Culture of Reading  Many teachers in our school are displaying their favourite books and encouraging students to share theirs in a way to promote reading in our school.
  4. Partner Schools  Mr. Gallamore, Mrs. Gallamore, and Mr. Penner’s classes are partnering with Giant’s Head Elementary School in Summerland, BC to exchange ideas, blog posts, emails, and learning activities with each other.  A great way for students to connect outside the classroom!
  5. Finding Strength Through Drama  Mr. Mills has a passion for drama and this is spreading to his students and former students.  He has started a drama club at lunch (by request of some former students) and continues to observe students coming out of their shells and realizing their strengths through drama in his class.
  6. Hallowe’en at Kent  Students are invited to wear their costumes to school on Monday (some classes will be changing into costumes at lunch).  There will be a sock-hop at lunch as well as ‘haunted house’ activities throughout the day.  Please remember that Kent is a junk food-free school so please leave candy at home.
  7. Learning Through Inquiry  Ms. Exley’s class is working with our teacher-librarian, Mrs. Dumas, to learn through research by asking powerful questions.  It was great to see the “little animal researchers” in action!
  8. Cross-Country  Congratulations to all those members of our cross-country team!  They had a fantastic season which will continue in May.  Thanks to Mrs. Gallamore and Mr. Penner for their efforts.
  9. House Games  Boys’ handball season has ended and floor hockey has begun.  Girls skittle ball season has also started. Check out the board for some great “bobblehead” pics of the boys!
  10. Student Leaders  Our grade 6 students are once again demonstrating their leadership in a variety of ways in the school.  They help to look after our primary students at lunch as well as look after our PE equipment at recess/lunch.  On top of this, they are often there to lend a helping hand to a younger student.

As always, we encourage you to leave feedback in the comment box below.  Have a great weekend!


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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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