10 Good Things – October 7

Families:    Here’s something to talk about with your child or with each other!

  1. Gone Fishing!  Ms. Exley and Mrs. Cardinal’s classes travelled to Hick’s Lake to learn how to fish through www.gofishbc.com!  Mr. And Mrs. Gallamore’s classes also worked with the team that afternoon.  Although no fish were caught, it goes with the saying “A good day of fishing is when you are out on the water; a GREAT day of fishing is when you actually catch one.”  For pictures, click here.
  2. Turkey Art  Both Mrs. Dove’s K class and Mrs. V’s grade 1 class used the long weekend Thanksgiving theme to hone their art skills.  Students traced their hand, cut out the paper, coloured and then added this to their turkeys.
  3. Cheam Wetlands  Mr. Mills and Mrs. Smith’s classes travelled to Cheam Wetlands to learn about some local biodiversity this week.  The “wet” lands definitely lived up to its name this week!
  4. Garden Work Bee A few staff members, students, and parents spent Tuesday afternoon weeding and planting to help maintain our beautiful learning area!  Thanks so much to those that helped!
  5. Think BIGG  Trent Arteberry was here last Friday to showcase the art of Mime to our students… the passion spread as mime shows took over Ms. Exley’s classroom that afternoon.
  6. Blogging  Mr. Gallamore has started to teach his students the power of collaborating through technology via student blogging.  Students can comment and view each others’ work to provide feedback on how to improve.
  7. Comic Life  Mrs. Dumas is using a program called Comic Life to help teach some of her students reading and writing skills (while also encouraging creativity).
  8. iWalk  This week, Mrs. Gallamore has helped organize a week to encourage families to walk to work and school.  Did you participate?
  9. Reading Groups  All our reading groups have started for our primary classes.  At Kent, we use more teachers so we can provide instruction in a smaller group setting, thus giving students more individual support.
  10. Photo Retakes  are set for October 18th.  Please bring your forms in to order your photos.

Happy Thanksgiving!  No school Monday.

As always, comments are always appreciated so if you have any thoughts on the weekend, please comment in the space below.  To subscribe to this blog and receive updates when items are posted, please submit your email on the upper right-hand corner of this page.


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K-6 Elementary School in Agassiz, British Columbia. Principal: Chris Wejr
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One Response to 10 Good Things – October 7

  1. Linda McMullan says:

    As always, you likely find it difficult to report on JUST 10 good things!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and that students and parents include Kent on their list of things for which to be thankful.

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